Teaching English to speakers of other languages is an art and a science. It’s an art because some people are simply natural teachers. They intuitively grasp what their students’ needs are. They instinctively know exactly how to address those needs with appropriate lessons and materials. The students are at ease and comfortable with their teacher from the very first class. And, being assured and feeling confident, their students show remarkable progress in their English language skills.

Teaching English to foreign ( additional language) learners, is also a very well-developed science. Language acquisition within the first few years of a child’s life is a natural process requiring no effort at all. But once those early years are over, it becomes progressively more difficult to acquire a new language. Fortunately, many dedicated scholars invested time and effort to produce the very best techniques to enable students of all ages and levels of ability to master all four English language skills with success.

Anyone who speaks English well can attempt to teach English as an additional language.Unfortunately, it’s a fact that the majority of students who try to learn English ( or any other additional language for that matter) give up within a few weeks or months. It’s a preventable problem which can be solved by picking a language school,or English tutor, after careful research on the qualification level and experience of the tutor.

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