About us

Our History

The Extra Classes service was started by two post-graduate students in early 2011. The program grew to include more subjects and new facilitators – each skilled in their relevant course material and enthusiastic about teaching.

How We Help You

We love teaching and we are here to help. We present classes professionally, and explain content accurately in an easy to understand manner. Our study resources and tutoring will help you succeed in your English studies. We strive to help you reach the level of English proficiency you aim for. 

English Extra Classes

We specialize in teaching English to English Second Language Speakers and Foreign Learners.

Our tutors have spent years abroad in various countries and cultures teaching English to students of all ages and levels of competence in English.

We realize that speakers of other languages have different needs than English native speakers do. Therefor our classes are geared towards helping them overcome the typical difficulties and problems that native English speakers don’t have to deal with.

What We Offer

  • General English – suitable for students wanting to improve their English skills in writing, reading, speaking and listening.
  • Corporate English Training to help with professional English communication skills.
  • IELTS – Preparation for the International English Language Testing System.
  • TOEIC – Preparation for the TEST of English for International Communication.

We are confident to state that, with our tutors’ extensive experience and competence, together with your commitment, you will reach the level of proficiency that you are striving for.

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